One common ground is divorce from the sponsoring spouse. If an approved I-130 is as far as you have gotten in the green card process, a divorce at this stage will make you ineligible to obtain a green card through marriage. Because of the conditional nature of some marriage-based green cards, there may be complications that could impact your case. – What if I Flunk my Immigration Drug Test? However, if your green card is still pending and you are required to attend an interview then there is a chance that your green card won’t be approved. Generally, a Green Card allows the holder to live and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis, but your rights as a lawful permanent resident are not absolute. Learn your options in this post. To keep his residence he has to stay married to you for at least 2 years -from the date he received his green card. 2) The Resident commits some crime that makes them deportable. Getting a green card after divorce can be a complex process which is best handled by an immigration lawyer. You can apply for naturalization 5 years after getting the green card even if you are no longer married. Dial (415) 946 3744 today to get hold of a highly suggested immigration lawyer You request the removal of conditional status – and a green card – by submitting Form I-751. Divorce cases can take a long time. Can my Green Card be revoked?. Under US immigration laws, there are certain circumstances that allow for you to obtain a green card even after the death of your green card sponsor. She wants out of this. When the Final Divorce Decree is Given. Failure to Establish a Permanent Residence, or Abandonment of Permanent Residence - Green Card holders must maintain residency in the United States, so if a permanent resident remains outside of U.S. territory for 180 days or more, their Green Card will be revoked. can my green card be revoked for marijuana use? Adjustment of status experience – 8 Usc 1326 Illegal Reentry. The green card immigration status allows you to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely. Can Green Card Be Revoked After You Divorce? I got arrested recently, and my lawyer thinks he can work out a plea agreement where only a misdemeanor goes on my record and I don’t have to go to jail. These are the main reasons that a green card status can be lost: 1) Sham marriage - must be proof that the only reason for the marriage was a green card. She feels victim to marriage fraud, as a gateway to living in America. I will really like his green card to be cancel/revoked, and returned him back to where he came from- in the struggle. Certain actions can trigger removal (deportation) proceedings and the potential loss of this coveted immigration status. Typically, both spouses file this form together and include documents that prove that they are still married. If the U.S. citizen sponsoring the individual is her spouse, getting a divorce while the green card is pending could threaten the immigrant's status in the United State. If you are an immigrant who was married to a citizen of the U.S. for less than two years when your green card was approved, you received “conditional” residency status. If you have a 10 year card now, it is no longer conditional and you need not stay married. However, there are ways to lose permanent resident status. I have been married for 10 years, two and half years after we were married she admitted she was illegally. This final decision is often a relief for the parties involved. Can you share with me how I can get the green card revoked from him, and have him return back to our country?----- now you cannot revoke his green Card I don't want him to get away with using me just like that. I can see why you'd want to hold onto your military ID card as a memento of your time as a military spouse. You might be waiting for USCIS to act on the I-130 petition your spouse has filed. It seems he married her for the green card. It will continue to be valid and it will not be expired because couples who have been married for more than two years can be granted unconditional residency. If the immigrant is already here in the country and his green card cannot be rescinded, the next most likely method for revoking sponsorship is to report any grounds for removal. If you are married but have not yet received a green card, it is likely that getting a divorce very quickly will hurt your green card application. Answer (1 of 15): Yes, you can divorce your wife after three years. Holding a conditional green card simply means your resident status is given on conditions, which could be revoked if you fail to fulfill the immigration requirements.

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