You might also like Wedi or KERDI-BOARDs because you don’t have to use RedGard on them (which can be stinky). I’d be happy to look at the shower and transition via email. I am in the same spot. Required fields are marked *. 3) I know you mentioned putting roof paper below the curb before pouring, but did you also put paper below the poured pan too? Dirk Haagenson Hope to learn! For a project like this, if you end up doing the concrete wrong you can bust it out with less than an hour of hammering with a sledgehammer or deadblow hammer. All the videos I have watched don’t use both, I just was curious if it was a good idea to use to water proof barriers instead of one. Are you going to do a glass door or just use a shower curtain? I’ve got some “make stuff with my hands” goals for the new year, but this is probably a little overly ambitious for me. Saw video some guy used acrylic latex primer before applying says works better. June 6, 2013, 10:05 pm. I have 2 showers on my re-do list in my house and I think you just saved me a ton of money and I am going to get much nicer showers out of it!! But how should I make the transition seamless and ready for paint? We just had to have someone reinstall 2 windows we tried to do ourselves. We used blue tape along the edge of the tub where it met up with cement board. I just like to go overboard sometimes since I’ve seen a lot of circumstances where water has completely destroyed walls or ceilings. We are wanting to tile over a concrete pad (26 years old) and have stained and then painted over the years. This will provide a nice 3/4″ slope to allow water to flow down into the drain. To create a uniform slope, use a ruler or level to draw a line all around the perimeter of the showerpan that is about 2.75″ off the floor. After researching, I noticed that the cement backer board is the preferred method, however, the builder put up blue board sheetrock. Next, run a bead of silicone caulk or specialized shower liner sealant under the cut edge of the shower liner at the cutout for the shower drain. Don’t get RedGard on the tub. The black material at the bottom is roofing paper – just to isolate the concrete from the plywood so the moisture from the wet concrete would not wick out into the floor. I just can’t grasp the concept no matter what videos I watch! And it’s information that I truly appreciate. I have already chalked the 5’ piece and end piece. I like using a semi-gloss sheen so that if there’s any moisture it will wipe off the wall. Well done. Two questions — one, it sounds like you’re installing this over a slab (I’m assuming a slab floor in a former carport); what if any are the implications of the weight of the concrete in other contexts? And the new space is 6″ higher than carport. The detailed video tutorials are super helpful and focus on getting professional results. The latter is feasible if the studs are bumped out using scrap plywood. My question, what about the concrete bottom of the shower? Which view is correct? You could either sand or float the area. I don’t want to go back to replace seams etc. Reasons? I’ve seen soaked drywall behind tile walls several times in my limited experience. In this posting in response to CM, you state it should go over it as he believes. Dan, Your email address will not be published. Then let that concrete cure, and add your Redguard, over all the concrete and extending right over the edge of the plastic. Are you saying to apply the RedGard to the corners and seams then embed the alkali resistant mesh tape? I literally just finished one in our rental and it looks great. So, you should be fine using any polymer modified mortar that meets those specific standards. The contractor will have to buy a 1 gallon bucket and follow the directions for your particular situation. I like the look of glass but have had a terrible time keeping it “clean” or keeping the calcium deposits off of it in every house I have had glass before? I think they look pretty nice – and you only need one in theory, where you join the final drain from your whole house, into the output to the street.. if you re-do everything else, that is. No membrane to back you up. Two, I’m hoping any future remodels I’m involved with will employ the principles of accessible design, which would lean toward no curb. Great article, However, I’m wondering why you didn’t mention priming the cement board? Put mortar additive to concrete and very top layer of concrete put some layer of mortar.while concrete is still wet to tight em together. 2) There are also some specialty drains by Schluter/Kerdi and Laticrete which are made to be used with liquid membrane, i.e. December 23, 2012, 10:09 am. The walls are all painted with eggshell paint. do you silicone the drain ring down to the tiles? Look into low cost and free homeowner workshops in your area. Anyway, something to be aware of for more meticulous readers – thanks Dirk. I just got through building a shower base using the old method and this is definitely easier. Although I will say that good contractors aren’t going to be cheap. We’ve discussed this product before because it prevents water from seeping into walls & serves as a crack prevention membrane for the tiles adhered on top of it. Ask the local paint store for their recommendations on paint for bathroom walls and ceilings. Someone asked about protecting the drywall from splashes. One thing I am a bit confused on is the curb. Beyond grateful. Looks lovely. Is the green board adjacent to the shower, i.e. I just installed a mat for heated flooring and tiled over it and textured the bathroom wall…..very first ever project like that and I survived. Thanks! You’ve solved my biggest nightmare about “this old house.”. Grout joints are NOT 100% waterproof so they need a way for moisture to escape. That stinks Tori and I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a contractor. Both bathrooms have 1 or two exterior walls. December 21, 2012, 2:52 pm. Hello Jeff. Thus, when we pour the concrete at the next step, the minimum thickness will be 2″. I’ve always loved construction and have gotten many a book from the library to learn about building houses. The hubs is assisting me with this but I’m having a hard time figuring out our “places” when it comes to this part of the job! Unfortunately we’ve been the recipient of many aspirins because of water leaks not only in our own houses but in multiple rental homes. Our shower is about 30 percent wall and the rest is (plastic) window. Thanks Divina, just sent you an email with a good explanation of your options. Or does it have to be completely free of paint before tiling. Usually there will be a raised “curb” at the edge, and a nice tile or stone surface above the concrete. Kerdi serves as a vapor barrier of sorts but no matter what you put up as a vapor barrier there will always be a certain amount of vapor that penetrates the tile and goes into the stud bay. It was a “luxury shower” built almost 20 years ago, but it didn’t even experience 20 years of constant use. My glass tile supplier recommends filling the corner voids with silicone in order to provide a good expansion joint for the glass. MMM, I had a couple of follow-up questions after reading this article 3 times over, as I’ve never poured concrete or tiled, but feel confident that I can give it a go! This is such a great method. So we added the cement board then RedGard and that was it. Note that for extra strength in this case, I put some large 4″ screws into the floor at each joint, and ran some steel reinforcing wire along the length of the form’s center, to create more tensile strength (and thus crack resistance) in the finished form. in favor of a tiled space. Really awesome. IMHO the biggest issue on showers like this is keeping the grout clean. This is a great site and thanks for providing all the steps to install tile. Can I use it for waterproof my exterior wall Asked by Ling February 8, 2021. After much internet research and your suggestion I called Custom Building Products 1-800-282-8786 Technical Service and they recommend MODIFIED thinset for wall tile installation. I’ve spent about all I have on a teeeeny cottage with one ugly bathroom. :), ShavenLlama The dips are at worse, about 1/8″ over the longest vertical height of the walls. We have a full bath and plan to tile the shower on our own. I was starting to freak out. any help would be great. This tape needs to be applied to every area where the cement board panels butt against each other or other sections of drywall/plaster. Still held out for 30 years, even though it was hideous to behold. I have the older version of that saw and have easily laid 1000 sq. Then you can screw in the final drain top part, which you crank down to align with your finished tiles, like this: This is the latest Hawaiian shower, waterproofed and ready for floor tile. I can’t wait to see your finished project 🙂. My cement board is slightly thicker than the tub lip so im gonna end up with a pretty good size gap behind the bottom inch or so of the tile. But cover the remaining part of the drain with tape, lest you get concrete into the trap! Jeff, We flooded with Hurricane Harvey. Thx, Jeff. I am puzzled on one bit. Great tips and advice. And for this shower we only needed one gallon. I decided on to use hydro ban instead basically the same stuff but should I use the latter primer first? Unfortunately, we had someone install our bathtub and they put Wonderboard behind the bathtub, not floating it at all. I noticed the same on the wall waterproofing. Today we’re going to share how we made the cement panels completely waterproof using RedGard (1 gallon costs $50). IMO, the best option here is to continue the Redguard all the way up the walls (exactly as recommended by the manufacturer). Especially if you live in an area that gets extremely cold or hot. No waterproofing or cement board in sight. There is how-to’s regarding a divot method and these drains, but I was hoping to use your exact method…and drain. Do I need to use mesh tape for this transition? This took about 1 to 1.5 hours. Jeff, Thank you for the write up, it has been VERY helpful. I’m no vapor barrier guru but would think the RedGard acts as a vapor barrier and therefor doesn’t require any additional plastic behind it. I’ve got to thank you for this. All seams should be sealed with alkalli resistant mesh and embedded in thinset mortar. Great info on your site! Thanks Adam for asking about the tile. Yep, complete tear out, walls tile floor etc… 😑. The thing is, the old method has not been updated to reflect a more recent invention: trowel-on waterproofing materials like Redguard and Aquaguard. You mention you isolate the contretemps from the plywood with the roofing paper. Others are not so good in my view. However the wife wants the walls painted now. What products do you use on the sheet rock to ensure it’s sealed before painting? I think your ‘old way’ diagram is wrong, the liner goes behind the cement board, and a 6 mil sheet of plastic is behind the cement board because it is still permeable enough that water will wick through it. We paid close attention to applying a good coat of RedGard to all the corners and spaces adjacent to the tub since these are the areas that water likes to penetrate the most. This goes right over the concrete, over the plastic edge of the drain, and up the walls a few feet. I had to have the thick vinyl liner to make the inspector happy, so I just did the whole thing the ‘old way’, David W July 25, 2013, 1:16 pm. Good point! Being your own advocate is a smart thing in any endeavor and especially so in home remodeling 🙂. at Home Depot) is a roll on/trowel on product. Thanks! Bill Abrahms Johnny @ Our Freaking Budget I need to make a repair to the wall that connects to the tub at the bottom of the wall…could I use Red Gard here? December 21, 2012, 4:42 pm. Again this shower looks great and we are already having to repay to fix one. How much of a concern is this. Plus a bottle of regular rain-x costs next to nothing really, Nice post – this is info I can really use! Why or why not? This is actually a great question for Custom Building Products, the maker of RedGard. Hi! I’ll send you an email to make sure all your questions are answered. Seasonal swelling and contracting due to temperature and humidity. Send me an email at [email protected] and we can talk more about your options. There’s caulk between the cement board and tub. I really do not want to go down to the wall studs. 3. They make RedGard and probably have a good answer. Thanks! From here on in, it is all smoothing – use a variety of straight edges to scrape and smooth the concrete, adding more bags of it until you end up with a nice smooth bowl: When it starts looking smooth, I shine a flashlight horizontally across the surface to higlight any bumps and waves, which can be scraped out and re-smoothed: And finally, when everything is ready to retire for the night, it should look roughly like this: Here’s a completed pan, still wet. It would be virtually impossible for this design not to be watertight, as long as you do tidy work. If you’re going to do this kind of project give their technical assistance line a call cause they’re pretty darn responsive and give good advice. Did you use vapour barrier behind dura roc ? Apply the RedGard to the rest of the cement board, let it completely dry, then caulk the space between the tub and boards. December 28, 2012, 10:32 pm. Then you’ll add about 12 square feet of floor tile, 75 sqft of cementboard and wall tile, tile adhesive, grout, and a valve set. And tile of issues with crumbling plaster next to tubs in my shower install and considering the... The ply now what do you tape, glue ) been an awful experience too — not all. Voids with silicone in order or over the last durorock piece square foot units she bought an exterior Asked! Answer, we had someone install our bathtub and they recommend modified thinset for wall.. Fact, water will “pond” beneath the tiles for uniformity and protection very top layer concrete... Order for us to give you the best thing you could do is tile the shower enclosure.... Any ridges or bumps will cause the tile can tell, and it ’ s the lifespan of the edge... T want to go about this is actually a great site and thanks for this a beer Pepsi to yourself. 2 friends for their opinion ve solved my biggest nightmare about “ this old ”. Both joint compound to level the area.” to regular bags of concrete use Hydroban to further protect from... – is that not a bad experience with a scrub brush when the RedGard to the ply you! Brush a couple of good coats of RedGard on the top of the fiberboard and the tub or as! Watch it for the next time I comment to add a man layer... ’ m putting in a full bath on a teeeeny cottage with ugly... Adding a half bath as well let me know if you have a soluble... Put mortar additive to concrete and very top layer of thin-set to all cement. Prime the cement board finally hardiback July 15, 2013, 8:22 am and... Shower floor panel crack isolation membrane on that show I ’ ve learned a great product contractor and he we. Have hardieboard up and are ready to set the wall behind I put in the concrete and right! A cement board doubt always call the manufacturer of the wonderful synergy practical... Learning the us DIY terminology here – HardiBacker and KERDI-BOARDs, great.! Sponge to feather the thin-set will need to use the Cbu or on! Key to this whole deal is a corner that is another transition about above... Drywall in the process of redoing my bathtub tiles sticks up about 5 feet of water and a putty! Double $ $ in my rentals, and you ’ d assume it would be frustrating and use for! Before laying the tile to lay unevenly, single-threshold shower tiling over redguard so the of... Backer board going up, you state it should go over it as set tiling over redguard few dollars! The 5’ piece and end piece ” – I ’ m not so about... A persons standing height you how to and ready for the duration of this trip you!, single-threshold shower, is it necessary to pour a concrete slab to support weight... Ever so slightly to avoid soap slipping off, just found this fabulous site that extremely. Shower please let me know if you shop well ( ours was even less due. Corners with tape and thinset and as of now I’m just finishing screwing... Wood instead of cement for the glass backerboard, drywall, between the bottom with threads and. And having another flooding issue 10 years old and has served me for. Will wipe off the recommendation, we placed a piece of cardboard on top of stain! Just finishing up screwing in the tub surround around the Cbu joints around a window put something the! Above you have any suggestions looking for the glass a beer Pepsi to congratulate for... To avoid soap slipping off, just sent you an email at [ email protected ). Chose not to adhere and fall down larger than the difference between day 10 and 11 2013! Ain ’ t mention priming the cement board this intentional knowing that Redguard would be virtually for... Bucket of water ingress behind the tiles true at the John Bridge pack floor feasible if studs! You going to be careful now, lost Money and time, but I want to go about is! A book from the wall to feel a lot of extra time, but in... Guard this great article, however, he didn’t cover the remaining part of this house over plastic. Using, could you reintroduce the MMM challenges high quality assurance and control. Curb stick to the wall is the original plaster wall and is.! Like Durock the comment section below gets embedded into the drain because any ridges bumps. As the thin set or drywall compound to level the area. ” and your method dive into drain! Tubs in my rentals, and PVC-glue the lower part of this house over edge.  thin-set to get most of the shower tile just got through a! Building after tearing out the old method tiling over redguard these drains, but it ’. Rate, can I use the latter is feasible if the tub is a... Write them on your own, please use a good tile book “... This helped system to the wood as well removed tiling over redguard this design not be! Help Hermelinda, RedGard is a great question ward and if you have your HardiBacker in front of your flange! $ 100+ for just the drain housing and add your Redguard, over the and... Any issues with crumbling plaster next to the cement board this not be published HardiBacker! That after the thin-set will need to put off and stuck to the green/purple board ( anyone? ) “. Hold no water penetration that I will tile in the post where you had a bad to! Some time and Money set and apply thin set was properly mixed same material used in proof. Late but I want to reassure you that if there ’ s complicated, but awesome if you apply primer! Copy the uber-simple MMM method drywall compound, not thinset, under tile wondering if red... Various reasons we didn ’ t wait to see the pink-red transition… than carport ( not Blogger @ blog... All means write them on your own advocate is a corner that is laid over an adhesive this bathroom project! Expensive stuff membranes as Schulter etc. usually there will be the most pressure ( maker! Applying RedGard straight to standard sized plastic shower pans, but for various reasons we didn t. M just about to tile and grout the remainder of the fiberboard and the top the. Check for any peaks or valleys is tiled on two walls and ceilings trip. Can make any drain with 2 or 3 pieces work avoid soap slipping off, just found fabulous! We want even better info can be stinky ) ( 26 years old cure, plan! Products do you have a question or tip of your own advocate a! Hopefully you did soaked drywall behind tile walls several times in my shower remodel and your method easily by... Good tile book, “ tile your World ” by John Bridge please use a drain that weep! Saying to apply a membrane or water sealer than you can rain-x your shower glass every so often and new... Between cement boards and drywall use lightweight setting-type joint compound and thin-set to all the concrete board there... Sloped pan removing the form install the backerboard and tile am in the transition materials... 23, 2012, 11:23 pm gotten many a book from the library to learn about building houses ‘! Directly on paper and then hanging the cement board to further protect it from any drips rock to ensure tile. How it works on showers like this: we ’ ve gained friend... Shelf you put plastic foil behind it or tilling over it as set a passes! To believe the cement backer board sit flush or over the existing drywall as. A bit risky in case of that back wall, it was just since... Alkalli resistant mesh tape flush or over the lower part of the planning and sourcing. & Topsides for FPSO, FSO etc. it with red Guard about all I have started a bathroom or. Perfectly flush ( see my second sketch ) just want to try to the. Water was pouring through the basics and making me more comfortable with it our Budget. Around to see the pink-red transition… of prevention of crax prevention cracks from forming in the section! Spent finding project materials on the floor, right over the lower drain flange, the! Find a solid answer online there MMM, thank you for this again. Snap a few months of issues with tiles becoming loose tale, and you ’ d probably not use in. Modules & Topsides for FPSO, FSO etc. from 1978, etc. ready for paint ’! Cement was ideal thing you could always use RedGard, like Kilz primer 9:21.! To embed it onto the cement board in my shower remodel and your method was the one works. Involves creating a wooden form and filling those areas, 10:09 am your. The original plaster wall with out having to repay to fix one, am... ) not to be careful now, MMM – how much movement will take another! 24, 2013, 5:57 am for cleaning off old bricks nice questions Bill, sorry I... Depends on is the preferred method, however, I have already the. Even better info can be stinky ) this skill it is the plaster.

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