He was dicing with death.". [81] In January 2011, the Kingdom granted asylum to the ousted Tunisian leader, Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, under conditions of no further political involvement. [15][16] However, some sources state that this date is incorrect, and that he was approximately eight years older. This post allowed him to secure his position in the House of Saud. Abdullah said he had agreed, and the channel was established, with Velayati and Saud Al Faisal as the points of contact. During his reign he maintained close relations with United States and United Kingdom and bought billions of dollars worth of defense equipment from both states. According to various reports, Abdullah married up to 30 times and had more than 35 children. [32] He managed to group a large number of fringe and marginalized princes discontented with the prospect of the succession being passed among the Sudairi brothers one after the other. In November 2008, he and his government arranged discussion at the United Nations General Assembly to "promote dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, as well as activities related to a culture of peace" and calling for "concrete action at the global, regional and subregional levels. Riyadh provided essential support to the United States during the war and proved that "necessity does lead to some accommodations from time to time". "[73], In September 2014, following the spread of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), he issued a statement, "From the cradle of revelation and the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, I call on leaders and scholars of the Islamic nation to carry out their duty towards God Almighty, and to stand in the face of those trying to hijack Islam and present it to the world as a religion of extremism, hatred, and terrorism, and to speak the word of truth, and not fear anybody. The diplomatic relationship Jacques Chirac had with Saudi Arabia was not evident with Sarkozy. [106], Hessa bint Trad Al Shaalan was the prominent wife of King Abdullah during his reign who is the mother of Prince Faisal and Princess Abeer among others. [109] The youngest son, Prince Badr, was born in 2003, when Abdullah was about 79 years old. He developed a new investment promotion agency to overhaul the once-convoluted process of starting a business in Saudi Arabia and created a regulatory body for capital markets. [30], During the same period he was one of the members of the inner family council which was led by King Khalid and included Prince Mohammed, Crown Prince Fahd, Prince Sultan and Prince Abdul Muhsin as well as two of his surviving uncles, Prince Ahmed and Prince Musaid.[31]. See more ideas about al kahf, surah al kahf, how to memorize things. on Thursday 23rd of November 2017 06:04:09 PM. April 23, 2020. [50][51], In January 2012, King Abdullah dismissed the head of Saudi Arabia's powerful religious police, replacing him with a more moderate cleric, state news agency SPA reported, without giving reasons. [45] He vowed to fight terrorist ideologies within the country. [97], Munira bint Abdullah Al Al Shaykh was the mother of his eldest living son, Prince Khaled. He also served as deputy defense minister and was named crown prince when his half-brother Fahd took the throne in 1982. Sheikh Sa'ud Ash-Shuraim's FULL/COMPLETE Quran recitation, in a zipped folder consisting of 114 surah mp3 files, can be downloaded HERE. He again traveled to the United States as Crown Prince in October 1987, meeting Vice President George H. W. Bush. The Guard, which was Abdullah's original power base, protects the royal family. Shuraim is a nice name to call your son it means the helpful caring and cutest it also is the name of an famous sheikh shuraim al sudais. [134] Sahar and Jawaher spoke[135] and released a video while under house arrest,[136] pleading for help from the international community. [89] Human Rights Watch has not yet indicated whether they have received any response to these letters.

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