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Islam Zemi Intensive Class

At September 7th and 8th, Indonesian Islamic Community in Japan (KMII, Islam Zemi) held an intensive course about the basic tenets of Islam in the Chiba Islamic Cultural Center (CICC). The lecture, done fully in Japanese, was given by Hajj Kyoichiro Sugimoto, MA. In this two-day course, the participants learnt about the five pillars of Islam, the ablution, the Quran, and some practical problems in the daily live of reverts in Japan. (This event done by the cooperation of CICC and IERA)

In the first day (September 7th), the participants learnt and practice about the basic of ablution, act of cleansing parts of the body, a type of ritual purification, usually done before praying (salah). After getting fully understand about ablution, the lecture also delivered about prayer (salah) how to do it according to sunnah. Furthermore, the lecture also discussed about faith (shahada), zakah (obligatory charity), and the act of good deeds to prepare Life After Death.

In the second day (September 8th), despite the looming threat of the approaching Typhoon No. 15, the classroom was packed with more than 20 participants coming from all around Japan. After given an explanation about the importance of Quran, the participants tried to memorize Sura al-Fatiha, the first chapter of the Quran. The lecture continued until noon, then everyone took a break. After praying Zuhr, an Indonesian-style lunch was prepared. In the afternoon, a heated discussion about problems in daily life in Japan followed a lecture on the importance of test of faith. Finally, certificates were given to the participants that completed all courses. The asr prayer concluded this two-day intensive course. Many participants, most of them Japanese reverts to Islam, found this rare occasion to learn Islam in Japanese intensively and interactively very meaningful, and many hoped that similar events would be held again in the future.

Here are some of comments from the participants:
★Participant A★
Assalam alaikum all.
It was a very good lecture. Great opportunity to meet so many sisters and brothers. I think we all were so happy in the time as angels were around us as its said in hadith.
I can’t wait for the next time. We need this kind of systematic regular course always. I and my husband have already conveyed our thought to Sugimotosan that there should be courses like beginner, intermediate, advanced and master. I think each of us should work to be a teacher or Da‘iah because only one teacher is not enough. Sugimotosan should be like a master of teachers. I hope next course shouldn’t come too late. Please don’t say next year! I hope to keep in touch with you all for the sake of our husband as well because men are very bad to make friends.
Waalaikum salam

★Participant B★
I’m very glad about that attendance of this seminar. It gave me many knowledge and also the chance to know many sisters and brothers. I hope we can meet again soon. Inshallah.

★Participant C★
Thanks for everything my husband really enjoy it.. Allahamdulilah he can read Alfatihah very good even though slow.. I’m happy.. i hope to attend again

★Participant D★
Thank you for the chance to learn more about islam… even is just a basic knowledge about islam, my husband was really enjoy the seminar and learn a lot (even his final test was so bad…haha(at last!)), and it was kind a reminder for me too

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